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 WORKSHOP ON “Sensitisation on Mental Health Issues for Trainee Teachers”

It is now well understood that mental health issues are vital for better quality of human life. Teachers are the builders of nature. Therefore it may be expected that the teachers need to have basic understandings absent psychological and mental health issues assuring their students.

Apart from those teachers themselves are subject to huge amount of stress which is likely to cause psychological problems among teachers. Thus this workshop will intend to :-

1)     - Discuss common mental health issues of Children.

2)    -  Identification of mental health issues among the children by use of readily available screener instant with hands on demonstration.

3)     - Common mental health issues among the adults.

4)  - How to identify mental health issues by use of screening instruments hands on demonstration.

5)  - Ways to manage mental health issues among children and adults a simplified approach.  

Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life,those the art of living well.
--- Aristotle

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